About Us


ZIE is a private professional body made up of its members. Operations and membership are regulated by a private Act of Parliament, regulated by ECZ. It is a multi-disciplinary Institution covering all disciplines of engineering in Zimbabwe. Learned Society similar in many ways to other Professional Associations in the country and elsewhere

  1. To set and maintain appropriate standards of Engineering competence.
  2. To promote the advancement of Engineering and facilitate the transfer and dissemination of Engineering knowledge.
  3. To raise the character and status of the profession and promote public awareness and confidence in Engineering. To ensure that correct standards of professional conduct and ethics are adhered to.
ZIE CORPORATE MANDATE •Monitors Engineering education, training and manpower needs and activities of the country. •Acts in an advisory capacity to Government, Industry and Educational Institutions. •Offers career guidance to Schools, Polytechnics and Universities •Initiates and administers technical conferences, seminars, workshops, continuing professional development courses and lectures for the benefit of its members. •ensures that stakeholders participate in existing forums and strive to create new stakeholder forums where necessary.


News and Events

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