The Zimbabwe Institution of Engineers (ZIE) and the Engineering Council of Zimbabwe (ECZ) is appealing to all persons or professionals doing engineering work across all the disciplines and or related to engineering to register with the ZIE and be licenced by ECZ and or to reactivate your membership to help protect the profession and enable us to speak with one voice. For one to become an engineer is a process and for one to use the term, “engineer” is regulated.

In Zimbabwe engineering is a regulated profession, there are specific procedures and requirements for obtaining a registration, charter or licence to practice engineering. These are obtained from ZIE, the regulatory body and  Council of Engineering the licencing body.

There are many powerful reasons both professional and personal for maintaining a professional engineering licence. If our government institutions were following the law by the book only a licenced engineer, for instance, may prepare, sign, seal and submit engineering designs, plans and drawings to any public authority for approval, or to seal engineering work for public and private clients.

The other reasons why it is imperative for one to be affiliated with a Professional engineering body is to protect and safeguard the profession from unethical practices that we are currently experiencing in Zimbabwe. As a body we will be able to influence policy making relating to infrastructure development as ZIE falls under the Ministry of local Government and Public works , to enjoy benefits relating to projects funded by international developmental agencies that come through Government and ZIE and many other benefits that we might have left out.

For Zimbabwe consulting engineers and private practitioners, licencing is a virtual necessity. It is a legal requirement for those who are responsibly in charge of work, be they principals or employees they have to be registered with ZIE and licenced by ECZ

Membership for ZIE and Licencing to ECZ is open to all Engineers and Technicians , in light of the positive prospects for our Economy let us unite and influence decisions that would recognize and appreciate input by the local technocrats through ZIE and ECZ

Please note according to the ECZ act it is a crime for one to undertake engineering work or engineering related works without obtaining a practising certificate and we are now taking strict measures for members to abide by these laws. Just as the chartered accountants  defines the accountant, and a law licence defines the lawyer, the professional Engineering/technician licence tells the public that you have mastered the critical elements of your profession. It demonstrates your commitment to the highest standards of engineering practice. It is also proof of your ability to offer engineering services directly to the public something only a licensed professional Engineering/technician can do.

If you need any further information please do not hesitate to contact Dr
Tammy Stevenson on +263772355688