Short Course: Carbon footprint assessment and reporting using international standards course for Practising Engineers/ Technicians and Engineering Academics

18-29 January 2021 Time: 6pm-8pm

This instructor led online course offered by the University of Zimbabwe, Faculty of Engineering and the Built Environment, is aimed at equipping participants with knowledge to assess and report on the carbon footprint of products throughout their life cycle, processes, projects and organisations using international methodologies and tools. Climate change caused by global warming is currently one of the main challenges facing mankind and requires the urgent integration of climate change mitigation into all aspects of socio-economic development. Practising Engineers/ Technicians and Engineering Academics have a critical role to play by assessing carbon footprint and integrating solutions to mitigating climate change in the design, implementation and management of products, process and projects. This course is designed to equip participants to be able to conduct carbon footprint assessments or evaluate carbon footprint reports in line with international standards.

This course is designed for:

  • Postgraduates, Engineers, Managers, Foremen and Artisans involved in the design, implementation and/or management of projects and
  • Managers and personnel involved in engineering, manufacturing and sustainability management in industry
  • Engineering Academics

On completion of this course participants will be awarded a University of Zimbabwe short course certificate.


  1. Introduction to climate change science
  2. Methodologies for carbon foot print calculation
  • Calculation of carbon foot print following international methodologies in:
    1. Energy sector
    2. Industry
    3. Agriculture
    4. Forestry and other land-use activities
    5. Waste sector
  1. Reporting carbon footprint
  2. Verification and validation of carbon foot print

Learning outcomes

  • Ability to apply international methodologies to assess carbon foot print
  • Enhanced competence in compiling carbon footprint reports that meet international
  • Improved skills to verify and validate carbon foot print reports


COURSE FEE: US$50 (Non HEP SSA members) and USD$25 (HEP SSA members)

VENUE: Online

For information contact:

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Faculty of Engineering and the Built Environment 630 Churchill Avenue

Mount Pleasant, Harare

 Dr Dingane Sithole                                                                                                        Jennifer Chiroodza

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