Item No   Course /Date/Time   Date     Content Summary   Facilitator Cost/ Delegate USD ZIE/ECZ Credits Duration (hrs)
1. Course: Team Building and Development Venue: ZIE Headquarters-Conquenar House Time: 0800-1600 2 March

The course details the key skills required by anyone expected to lead a team or those required to work within one. The main subject areas which will be addressed in detail are organisational vision, culture, team building, team management, the individual’s roles within the team, communication and problem solving methods and techniques will also be demonstrated with regard to practical applications   within   a     team     structure.   Providing   the     opportunity   to     develop   skills   and     practice   techniques. A variety of training methods are used during the course, including presentation, discussion, exercises, class workshops and demonstrations.

  Eng. B. Choto   30.00   1   8hrs
2 Course: Solar Photovoltaic Technology, Site Selection and Solar Energy Yield Prediction. Venue: ZIE Headquarters-Conquenar House Time: 0800-1600     23 March

The Course will give an outline of basics of Solar PV generation, the photovoltaic effect, types of PV module Technology and the Solar PV Development Process. The requirements and constraints of selecting a suitable site for PV installation and determining energy output for the Solar PV plant will be outlined.

            Eng. Nhamo Dhlamini             30.00             1             8hrs
3 Course: Urban Tolling Venue: ZIE Headquarters-Conquenar House Time: 1700-2000 hrs 31 March In press Eng. Musarurwa Free 0.5 3 hrs

Course: Computer Applications with Microsoft Excel

Venue: ZIE Headquarters-Conquenar House Time: 0800-1600
            6 April

Computer Applications is a fundamental course for today’s engineers and technologists. This course is designed to equip engineers and technologists with basic, intermediate and advanced computer skills in Microsoft Excel, in order to optimize manufacturing operations. With the rapid advancement in technology, many operations have become centered on the application of computers to achieve rapid generation and analysis of results in design, modeling & simulation, and design of experiments. This foundation will give a basis for further studies in Finite Element Modeling, Computational Fluid Dynamics, Numerical Control, Inventory management, Operations Research and Robotics. The course will include many supporting value addition activities such as problem analysis and troubleshooting.

Eng. D. Museka 30.00 1 8hrs
5 Course: Sustainable Energy Venue: ZIE Headquarters-Conquenar House Time: 1700-2000 hrs                 22 April In press Eng. Martin Manuhwa ECZ Chairman Free 0.5 3hrs
6 Course: The First 100 Days Venue: ZIE Headquarters-Conquenar House Time: 1700-2000 hrs 30 April In press Eng. Tendai N. Kapumha ZIE President Free 0.5 3hrs
7 Course: Report & Proposal Writing and Technical Presentation Techniques   Venue: ZIE Headquarters-Conquenar House Time: 0800-1600 6 May This course will cover the following areas: 1.        Organisation Vision, mission and culture 2.        Definition 3.        Executive summary 4.        Targeted audience 5.        Proposal objectives 6.        Report objectives 7.        Font style and size 8.        Layout 9.        Illustrations 10.     Choice of words 11.     Attachments   Eng. Benard Choto 30.00 1 8hrs

Course: The role of related training to project management maturity and implementation success

Venue: ZIE Headquarters-Conquenar House Time: 1700-2000 hrs
13 May

Participants will get an overview of common project management training and certification. Participants will be informed of available tools for Project Management Maturity assessment. The contribution of related training and certification will be discussed with provision of empirical evidence. They will also get to appreciate the link between project management maturity and ultimate project success.

      Free     0.5     3 hrs
9 Course: Due Diligence and Feasibility Studies

Venue: ZIE Headquarters-Conquenar House

Time: 1700-2000 hrs
21 May In press Eng. Tendai N. Kapumha ZIE President Free 0.5 3 hrs
10   Course: Environmental Impact Assessment Venue: ZIE Headquarters-Conquenar House Time: 0800-1600 hrs             27 May Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA) forms i n integral part of the planning process for most developmental projects. This course examines the principles of EIA and relates them to the current environmental best practice in Zimbabwe. It is a legal requirement in Zimbabwe to conduct an EIA for all prescribed developmental projects. The training course will equip the participants with a sound knowledge of what an EIA is and how an EIA is conducted. Eng. Betty Nhachi 30.00 1 8hrs

Course: Safety of Electrical/Electronic Systems & Equipment

Venue: ZIE Headquarters-Conquenar House Time: 0800-1600 hrs  
10 June   Eng. Tendai N. Kapumha ZIE President 45 1 8hrs
12 Course: ICT Infrastructure Sharing Venue: ZIE Headquarters-Conquenar House Time: 1700-2000 hrs   24 June In press Eng. M. D. Chenga Free 0.5 3hrs
13 Course: Introduction to grade-separated intersections and interchanges   Venue: ZIE Headquarters-Conquenar House Time: 1700-2000 hrs   14 July General statements and definitions;

-Advantages of grade-separated intersections and interchanges;

-Constraints of environmental, engineering and investment nature for the application of grade-separated and interchange structures;

-General categories;

-Methodology of study and design – integrated approach to stages of study;

-Analysis of traffic factors and of location and site factors;

-Links and ramps and their major characteristics of grades, radii, horizontal and vertical dimensional recommendations;

-Merging, diverging and weaving within a structure; -Classifications, typology and practical examples;

-Capacities and capacity characteristics of major elements and parts of the structures.

Prof. Vassileva 30.00 1 8hrs
  Saturday 23 July 2016 –ZIE NATIONAL BRIDGE BUILDING COMPETITION   Venue: ZIE Headquarters- Conquenar House HARARE  
14 Course: Water Stewardship Venue: ZIE Headquarters-Conquenar House Time: 1700-2000 hrs 29 July In press Eng. Herbert   Nyakutsikwa Free 0.5 3hrs
15 Course: Introduction to Airport Engineering Venue: ZIE Headquarters-Conquenar House Time: 1700-2000 hrs 12 August

Global aviation growth is expected to grow at a very fast pace in the coming years. ICAO reported that in 2014 more than 3 billion passengers were carried around the world. Aviation provides a lot of career opportunities and several ways of specialization. Most engineers can break into aviation at any stage if they are properly on-boarded. This course can be such an opportunity.

Airport engineering topics are not fully covered in faculties to the same extent as Power, Telecommunications, Highways, Water or Industrial.

The next coming few years opportunities in aviation are not only wider, but exciting and accessible to many.

Mugere Tineyi 30.00 1 8hrs
  ZIE Annual Soccer Fiesta Venue: TBA Harare

Course: Appropriate Agricultural Engineering Technology in Enhancing Food Security

Venue: ZIE Headquarters-Conquenar House Time: 1700-2000 hrs
26 August In press Eng. Tiri Koza Free 0.5 3hrs
  Friday, 26 August 2016 2016-SAICE INTERNATIONAL BRIDGE BUILDING COMPETITION   Venue: St Alban’s College, Pretoria-South Africa  
17 Course: Mining and Mineral Beneficiation Venue: ZIE Headquarters-Conquenar House Time: 1700-2000 hrs 9 September In press Prof. G. Dzinomwa Free 0.5 3hrs
18 Course: Root Cause Analysis(RCA)     Venue: NUST-Bulawayo Time:0800-1600hrsdaily   16 September

After this Root Cause Analysis training course, delegates will be able to:

-Use a structured approach to identifying and defining the problem, determining the root cause through analysis and defining an appropriate solution

-Understand the range of tools available for analysis of problem situations.

-Identify, evaluate and develop solutions that address the root cause of the problem


-Promote the ability to provide problem-solving support in situations where one is not an expert in the process or technology involved.

Eng William Goriwondo 30 1 8hrs
19 Course: Housing Delivery for the 21st Century     Venue: ZIE Headquarters-Conquenar House Time:0800-1600hrsdaily 30 September In press Eng. Pfukwa Free 0.5 3 hrs
20 Course: Road Construction & Maintenance Venue: ZIE Headquarters-Conquenar House Time: 0800-1600 hrs 6 October -Theory on Use of Soils as Road Materials

- Construction Materials Specifications, Testing and Importance of Quality Control

- Compaction, Stabilization Methods, Surfacing Types and Construction Methods

- Hauling and Dumping of Gravel - Concrete Production and Construction - Road Maintenance of Paved & Unpaved Roads
          Eng. Mufaro Eric Gumbie 30 1 8hrs
21 Course: Sustainable Energy (Bioenergy and Environmental Engineering) Venue: ZIE Headquarters-Conquenar House Time: 0800-1600 hrs 14 October In press           Dr. Mercy Manyuchi Free 0.5 3 hrs
22   Course: Thermal Use of Solar Energy   Venue:CONQUENARHouse Time:0800-1600hrs 26 to 28 September The three-day course focuses on the applications of solar-thermal technologies suitable for Zimbabwe. New developments on the solar market will be highlighted and several reasons will be brought out as to why Zimbabwe has no choice but to go SOLAR. Different types of components and the design of complete solar hot water systems will be explained and their potential benefit to various industrial sectors as well as to hospitals, homes, schools and households. Offering alternatives to conventional energy sources, attendants from agriculture, industry, commerce and tourism will be introduced to methods of solar process heating and to solar refrigeration and air conditioning. The theory classes will be complemented with a site visit to a successfully running solar hot water installation in Harare. Attendants will be provided with the course material and other relevant literature on a CD.                 Dr Anton Schwarzlmuller 90 3 24hrs
23 Course: Production/Operations Management   Venue: NUST Bulawayo Time:0800-1600hrs Management 11 November After completing this course, participants will : -Appreciate the Operations/Production/Manufacturing transformation Process   -Understand the role of Supervision of Operations and Workforce   -Appreciate and use the Principles of Management   -Be able to lead and motivate a team  

-Carryout   performance   management   that     is     appropriate   to organizational development


-Communicate effectively with all levels within and without the organization

  -Appreciate and Initiate World Class Manufacturing principles
                Eng William Goriwondo 30 1 8hrs
24 Course: Project Management with Microsoft Project Venue: Conquenar House   Time:0800-1600hrsdaily     18 and 19 November This course uniquely integrates the core Project Management Principles with the world’s most popular Project Management Software to equip participants with the following abilities: Comprehensively define all work necessary to complete the project; Develop project schedules, budgets and cash-flows that capture ALL necessary project tasks and visibly show the resources required to complete tasks; Report actual production, cost and easily calculate and track variances ; Rebase project plans to accommodate any changes that inevitably occur during the life of a project, etc Eng. Tendai N. Kapumha ZIE President   80.00 2 16hrs
25 Course: Marketing in Engineering Venue: Conquenar House   Time:0800-1600hrs 24 November Everybody should know what would constitute success in their own situation, determine how far away they are from their goals and work out ways of achieving these goals. The level of personal motivation is critical for success because it affects one’s determination and ability to achieve identified goals. As a person, motivation helps you to put any challenges that you may be facing into their proper perspective, meaning that you will be able to tackle them from a position of strength Mr. Patrick M. Paradza-B.Sc (Econ);B.Acc (Sp. Hons) ; MAcc Missouri State University (USA)                 45                 1                 8hrs

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