Dr Wilson Banda

WILSON is a versatile educator and education manager. He holds a PhD in Education from the University of Fort Hare (SA). He is also an alumnus of the University of Zimbabwe, where he obtained the following professional qualifications: M.Ed. (Curriculum and Arts Education), B.Ed. (Primary) and Certificate in Education (Primary). For his doctoral studies, he interrogated 'Operationalisation of Classroom Action Research in Zimbabwean Teacher Education Colleges and proffered Implications for Teacher Education Curriculum'. Currently, Dr Banda is the Membership Services and Training Officer of the Zimbabwe Institution of Engineers (ZIE) whose major responsibility is to establish, implement and supervise the Institution’s continuous professional development strategies. Prior to joining ZIE he diligently served for, approximately, two decades in the Zimbabwean education system in various capacities, viz: classroom practitioner (primary), school head and principal lecturer in teacher education. His last formal engagement in teacher education was as a lecturer in Professional Development Studies at Morgan ZINTEC College – Harare, where he was instrumental in the establishment of both the Early Childhood Education and Development Department and the Institution’s ICT Department. Dr Banda is an avid reader and author. He has published several educational resource materials, the overarching one being ‘The Treasure Pearls’, a Grade 7 English Language Pass Book. Additionally, he has co-authored several refereed journal papers and a series of other academic articles. His research interest is in teacher education, educational management, language arts’ interactive learning, environmental concerns and the plight of orphans and vulnerable children. Last, Dr. Banda boasts of prodigious Microsoft Office suite knowledge and skills that are a prerequisite to effective facilitation and easy educational research navigation.


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