Any firm practising engineering work or wishing to do the same is required by law (SI 161 of 2010) to register with the ECZ. Application thereof has to be made through a registered constituent body e.g ZIE, CIFOZ or ZACE. To become a ZIE Member US$300.00 non-refundable processing fee is payable plus an annual fee of US500.00.The registered firm will be issued with a renewable ECZ annual practising licence at a fee determined by the number of engineering professionals the engineering firm employs as illustrated below .Upon application, attach Company Profile and Certificate of Incorporation.

Registration with ECZ is done upon payment of registration and annual licence fees. For consultancy firms the fees are US150.00 (registration) plus US$125.00 to 2 500.00 annual licence fee based on the number of registered engineering professionals. For non-consultancy firms the ECZ registration and annual licence fees also increase with increase in the number of engineering professionals employed as illustrated below:

CATEGORY RegistrationLOCAL FIRM US$ Licence FeesLOCAL FIRM US$ Registration & Licence Fees(apiece) FOREIGN FIRM US$
1-2 Engineering Professionals 150.00 125.00 250.00
3-5 Engineering Professionals 250.00 250.00 500.00
6-10 Engineering Professionals 500.00 500.00 100.00
Above 10 Engineering Professionals 2 500.00 2 500.00 5 000.00
ZIE/ECZ funds are payable in cash or bank deposited into: Bank: Standard Chartered Bank Branch: Highlands FC A/C No: 8700 21676 4300 A/C Name: Zimbabwe Institution of Engineers N.B. Fax/email or bring to ZIE evidence of having made a bank deposit to facilitate issuance of receipt.


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