Left to Right: Eng. Muchaneta Pawandiwa; Dr. Eng. Mercy Manyuchi; Eng. Trevor Magwaza; Eng. Malvern Matongo; Mkhanyisi Ncube GZweIE; Eng. Thami Mpala; Evans Munhenga GTZweIE ; Tatenda Kasirori GZweIE; Eng. Chamu Mhuka; Eng. Lloyd Fende, and Berverley Nyakutsikwa GZweIE . Absent: Eng. N. Zowa

The Zimbabwe Institution of Engineers (ZIE) Mashonaland Area Committee held their Annual General Meeting at Conquenar House on the 1st of April 2016. This AGM marked the end office of the 2014-2016 Committee and the beginning of a new term of office of the newly elected committee. The new committee were elected into office through a voting poll conducted by members of the Mashonaland Area present at the AGM and also included votes that were cast by email prior to the meeting. The new committee will serve for a period of two years in office beginning 1st April 2016 to 31st March 2018.

The immediate past Chairman of the 2014-2016 Committee, Eng. Chamu Mhuka gave his Chairman’s Report and highlighted key activities and events of the past two years that the committee took part in. Highlights included the success of the Bridge Building Competition and representation of one Zimbabwean school at the Regional Schools Bridge Building Competition Finals held in South Africa. Women in Engineering committee continued to perform admirably in their events and representation of the Area at the UNESCO Engineering Week in Victoria Falls was commendable.

The newly elected office bearers are as follows:

Chairman                                             -              Eng. Thami Mpala

Vice Chairperson                              -              Berverly Nyakutsikwa (GZweIE)

Secretary                                             -              Eng. Muchaneta Pawandiwa

Vice Secretary                                   -              Eng. Malvern Matongo

Treasurer                                            -              Eng. Nicholas Zowa

Committee Member 1                   -              Eng. Lloyd Fende

Committee Member 2                   -              Eng. Trevor Magwaza

Committee Member 3                   -              Tatenda Kasirori (GZweIE)

Graduate Member                          -              Berverley Nyakutsikwa (GZweIE)

Technician Member                        -              Evans Munhenga (GTZweIE)

Student Member                             -              Mr. Evans Sadock (SZweIE)

Women in Engineering                  -              Dr. Eng. Mercy Manyuchi

Immediate Past Chairman            -              Eng. Chamu Mhuka

Incoming Chairman for the Mashonaland Area Committee, Eng. Thami Mpala noted: “It is a great honour to take on the baton from the good work carried out by the previous committee and the immediate past Chairman, Eng. Mhuka and carry it forward to even greater expectations. The Mashonaland Area since its relaunch in July 2014 has endeavoured to focus on greater participation in the community to promote the awareness of the contribution of engineers in society.

The need for engineers to be visible and play an effective role in both the representation of practising engineers in the country and the awareness and appreciation from the public of the engineers’ role in the development of Zimbabwe cannot be overemphasized.  It is my hope and mission that the next two years will see an active participation of engineers in the area through various activities and events set to promote the profession and attract corporate support.

I thank the past committee and the outgoing Chairman, and I also extend my gratitude to the tireless work that the ZIE Secretariat have done over the years for the committee and for the Institution at large. I look forward to a great tenure and an increased effort and energy to see to the success of the area.  Together we will succeed and conquer. I thank you”


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