Press Release

For all Prospective Member and Partners

Dear ZIE Prospective Member and Partners Find outlined below links to ZIE and ECZ Materials you need to be familiar with prior to being interviewed for the ZIE Membership. Similarly, Professional Engineering Institutions (PEIs) may share notes. ECZ Act 27:22...

Biometric facial recognition the solution to Mobile Money fraud

The number one crime in Zimbabwe is mobile money scam and the most affected is ecocash according to our Cyber research. There is now an immediate need to use biometric facial recognition as a way of identifying clients. Identity theft is one the fastest growing crime in Zimbabwe with the identities of thousands of individuals having been compromised in recent years.

The Rehabilitation and Widening of Harare-Masvingo-Beitbridge road

The Government of Zimbabwe first invited for bids for the dualisation of the Harare – Masvingo – Beitbridge Road in 1998, and in 2003 the project was awarded to the consortium of 6 local contractors and 6 local engineering firms under the name of ZimHighways. The...

The flying car is here

Flying cars may seem futuristic – but from commercial jetpacks to personal air taxis, they are already here. Here’s how they could transform the way we commute, work and live. The original Blade Runner film took place in an imagined Los Angeles of 2019, a futuristic...

No Engineers No Economic Transformation in Zimbabwe

The only way to turn around Zimbabwe’s fortunes is to appoint professional  engineers in positions of authority. It is no secret that Zimbabwe’s infrastructure has been steadily falling apart since the 1980s. Zimbabwe is riddled with a multitude of crumbling roads and...

Development of a COVID-19 Community Isolation Centre in Harare, Zimbabwe

The Zimbabwe Built Environment Professionals – a community of professional bodies that include the Engineering Council of Zimbabwe, the Zimbabwe Institution of Engineers, the Zimbabwe Association of Consulting Engineers, the Architects Council, the Institute of Architects, Zimbabwe Institute of Quantity Surveyors, Project Management Institute Zimbabwe, Zimbabwe Building Contractors Association and the Construction Industry Federation of Zimbabwe.


ZIE is a private professional body made up of its members. Operations and membership are regulated by a private Act of Parliament, regulated by ECZ.


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